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Water Sports on Lämmijärv



Practicing water sports is a truly enjoyable, adrenaline-charged and infectious activity. It is suitable for everyone. Simply grab a pair of water skis, a surfing board or any other piece of water fun equipment. Everyone can manage it and the spectators will have a lot of fun. Up to four persons may ride on one motor boat. We can provide two motor boats for your gathering at the lake to entertain the entire group. Prices subject to agreement.


Joyrides near the western shore of Lämmijärv and on Lake Peipsi, near Piirissaar, for up to eight people with two motor boats. Prices subject to agreement.

Simple Recreation

Räpina beach at Lake Lämmijärv is also a nice place for simple sunbathing to watch the sporting efforts of others. It offers guaranteed fun for many hours or even the whole day!

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